Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello There, Blog.


So it's been a while.

Like, a little more than half a year.

So you all can forget about that series it seems I thought I was going to post way back when. Not going to happen. (Who cares about novels, anyway?) (Well, maybe the vampire story will happen, since I ought to finish that one anyway.)

But basically, my blog as a vehicle for my own creativity and writing kind of crumbled around March, and I just dropped it. That wasn't good, but it happened. It's easy to drop a blog.

But I still like that idea, that a blog could do this for me, somehow.

What's next, though?

This is a question that's a sticky one for me. The future is not my favorite thing, since it's so uncertain. And then on top of that, I'm not normally a fan of goals, either.

But now it's half a year later.

And I'm going to try again.

Someone said to me that the thing that's great about goals is that they're always in the future, and it's okay that you haven't reached them, because that's what goals are. Something you're trying to reach. This is kind of not the way I usually think; the Eeyore in me keeps that from happening. But this person was right.

And I made a list of goals. One of them: keep on with the blog business. Maybe not five days a week, but at least a couple.

I'm the busiest I've ever been just about, and so now I think it's even more important that I set aside time where I think about and cultivate this kind of thing, something that has nothing to do with essays, grammar, stuff like that.

I need to keep at it, or it'll happen: I'll become boring.

I probably already am boring. At any rate, I felt boring. That was what motivated me to create that list of goals. Because I was getting boring. I could just feel it. When you become predictable and afraid of the future, you become boring.

So I'm going to try again.



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